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The Destroyer was a magical, consciousless entity built by Odin to defend the Asgardian vaults. It will complete any mission given to it without question, regardless of how long the mission or who gets in its way. Its primary weapon are fiery beams of energy emitted from its face, but is also superhumanly strong and nearly invulnerable to damage.



Odin used the Destroyer to guard the Casket of Ancient Winters against intruders (such as the Frost Giants), while Loki Laufeyson sent it to Earth to kill his half-brother Thor Odinson and The Warriors Three. The Destroyer was defeated by Thor using his hammer Mjolnir, by hurling it through its head.

The Destroyer appeared as a giant, metal beast, at least four times the height of a human. Its armour seemed to be resistant to projectiles such as bullets. The Destroyer would attack by opening triangular holes in its face from which red light would emanate - a destructive red beam would then shoot from these holes.