Obadiah Stane

Obaidiah Stane was the business partner and eventual enemy of Tony Stark. When Stark decides to stop producing weapons at Stark Industries, Stane retaliates by building his own iron suit.


Iron ManEdit

He was the co-C.E.O of Stark Industries and was for a short time the head C.E.O of Stark Industries (when Howard Stark died and before Tony Stark was of age to run the company). He refers to himself as an Iron Monger and will sell weapons to armies both sides of a war just to keep it going and to gain money. He cares only for money and his own wellbeing he will gladly kill or betray someone for his own advantage (for example Tony Stark). He steals the MK I suit from The Ten Rings group and builds his own suit, the Iron Monger Suit. He uses this suit to try to take down Tonk Stark so that he can take over Stark Industries and then sell the suit. Stane is destroyed by the Arc Reactor inside the Stark Industries building by Stark. He is portrayed by Jeff Bridges.