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Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2

Justin Hammer is a business rival of Tony Stark. After making a deal with Ivan Vanko to get Iron Man suits for his own profit, he was arrested, taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and imprisoned in Seagate Prison.


Hammer stepped in to fulfil the military contracts, when Stark Industries abandoned their weapons development. His developments are often of much inferior quality, due to his lack of technical savvy. Possessing little ethical reservations, Hammer is willing to use devious approaches as long as it means turning up a profit or showing up Stark.

Hammer attempts to use Ivan Vanko, a Russian physicist, seeking vengeance on the Stark family, to construct an Iron Man suits for himself, but Ivan builds remote-controlled drones. Justin presents the drones as 'Hammer Drones' and has a squad for each division of U.S. military. Unfortunately, Ivan takes control of the drones to use them against Iron Man. Justin is confronted by Black Widow and Pepper Potts, and is forced to tell them about Vanko. He is soon arrested by the NYPD and then vows revenge on Pepper.