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Darcy Lewis

Darcy Lewis is a close friend and co-worker of Jane Foster.


Darcy Lewis is a political scientist, and assistant to Jane Foster. She first appeared alongside Jane and Erik Selvig when Jane was looking for the source of the seventeen storms in Thor (movie). She was driving the car. Darcy seems also quite easily frightened as she lost her nerve and started to turn away from the storm, but Jane grabbed the wheel and turned it back, hitting Thor. When the god of thunder got up and started talking in medieval tongue, Darcy used a taser on him because she was freaked out. Darcy, along with Selvig and Jane, took Thor to a hospital and looked after him when he broke out. Darcy appeared again at the end when the Destroyer tried to annihilate the earth. She was also seen at the end, helping Jane and Erik try to open a portal back to Asgard.


Darcy was played by Kat Dennings and appeared in the Thor (movie) and Thor: The Dark World (movie).